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Lou Manso directing a TV commercial

Our founder directing a TV commercial in the late 90's. 

Lou Manso

Lou Manso, our company's

founder, President & CEO

The Media Buying Company™ was founded in 1994 by San Diego entrepreneur Lou Manso. Lou's vision was to establish a small, international boutique style ad agency that worked with a small group of select clients and offered highly personalized service.


In the nearly 30 years since it was founded, The Media Buying Company™ has worked with dozens of clients across all types of business categories and media platforms in the U.S. and other countries. The Media Buying Company™ has forged partnerships and alliances with media partners and ad agencies  and is highly regarded and trusted by clients and media partners around the world.

About our Founder, President & CEO

Lou Manso is a San Diego based Advertising Executive, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Filmmaker. Lou has founded and operated half-a-dozen businesses. His most notable accomplishment besides The Media Buying Company™, is the creation and founding of his own spirits brand, Manso & Contreras™ Brandy de Jerez, Solera Gran Reserva. While no longer in production, this small batch Spanish brandy won a Silver Medal at the 2011, San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

Lou's got his first job, when he was 12. He sold door-to-door dry-cleaning to help his single mom. At the age of 13, he got a newspaper route and sold subscriptions door-to-door for the New York Daily News where he received the distinguished 4-Star Award. (He still has the Bulova watch and Coat). In his early years, Lou was a freelance photographer and did photojournalist work for The New York Times, The New York Daily News and The Hudson Dispatch. His photos have been syndicated by The Associated Press, United Press International and the French news agency Gamma Liaison. Lou has written, produced and directed dozens of TV and radio commercials some featuring well known actors and personalities. Lou is currently working on a short film. Lou lives in San Diego, California with his wife of over thirty years. Lou has four children and three grandchildren. 

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